Donate your old computer to someone who needs it!

Welcome to Digital Helpers! As a 100% not-for-profit community organisation, we aim to combat the digital gap in Germany. We allow economically or otherwise disadvantaged people to enter the new digital age we live in. With your support, as well as that of other social institutions and enterprises, we distribute computers to those in need, and teach them how to use their computers. Help us shape a new, digitally-literate Germany! Donate your old computer, pc or LCD-screen!

Computer spenden

Why donate computers?

In Germany there are about 40 million households – of these 19% do not have a computer. In 2013, 16% Germans did not use a computer at all (data Statistisches Bundesamt 2012). Consciously avoided? Only rarely. Therefore, donate your computer, PCs or LCD-screen to help the disadvantaged to participate in our digital area!

Who can receive a computer?

These days we receive many requests for individual donations. Unfortunately we can only pass on what we have on hand, that’s why we prioritize supporting and building up computer labs. That way as many people as possible can have access to those computers.

Selected partners & supporters:

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