Mission, Vision & Realization


Our Mission

Many people don’t have access to computers due to financial difficulties. Digital Helpers aims to provide these people with access to digital technologies, and teach them how to responsibly use those devices.

In so doing we:

  1. Build bridges: We want to build bridges between different groups in society, because we all live together in Germany.
  2. Support social mobility: We want to support people in their social ascent, because everyone can rise in our society through commitment and hard work.
  3. Pass fascination: We want to fascinate people about digital technology and computers.
  4. Sensitize: We aim to bring the problem of the digital divide into the public debate and encourage politicians to think about solutions.


Our Vision

Digital Helpers dreams of a Germany where every person – regardless of its economic or social circumstances – has full access to information and communication technologies with internet access. At the same time, every person should know how to responsibly use those devices.


Here you find a brief overview, about how Digital Helpers operates. To ask a question or comment on something please send a mail to info@digitalhelpers.org.


On the basis of this model, four key fields emerge:

Computer Spenden

Recycling of donated PCs

Companies give us their used and no longer needed computers that are still in good condition. Then, we further distribute these computers to people in need via our partners. Donate your old computer right now!

Computer Spenden

Computer Education

We train recipients of donated computers on how to use their new PCs. We introduce them to basic functions such as using email and wordprocessing programs.

Computer Spenden

Prepare donated computers

All computers are assessed for compliance with our standards for quality control. With the help of our members and partners we reset the computers and install appropriate software.

Computer Spenden

Digital Emergency Hotline

We support our recipients in technical questions they might have. Please use our contact form to write us, we are more than happy to answer your questions!

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