Official Press Release Google Impact Challenge

Google Germany (February 2016)

Digital Helpers wins 10,000 EUR support money as one of the Top 100 “Local Projects” at the Google Impact Challenge DE 2016. Thanks to everybody and we’re super happy that the money enables us to realise many exciting projects this year!
Press release (German) | Event pictures | Video (English)

Allow the jump into the digital world

Daily regional newspaper „Die Glocke“ (Feb 2016)

Over the course of being finalist of the Google Impact Challenge “die Glocke” reports about the Digital Helpers Marianna, Carolina and Heinrich Rusche. Online article (German).

Digital Helpers in the ÖKO-TEST magazine

Pages 6-9, ÖKO-TEST January 2016

In the section “Chances” we cover 4 pages of the January edition of the magazine. “To overcome the digital gap in Germany was their goal – so far they are building bridges to start with.” E-Paper extract.

Social Commitment of the Month

from the Ministry for Families, Children, Culture and Sport (2014)

In August 2013, DH was invited by the German President to annual celebrations in Berlin where it was honoured for its social commitments. Other notable personalities were enthused by the students’ ideas. Read the article (German).


Commerce student Carmelo Russo collects used PCs

from the University of Kassel (2013)

Access to modern information and communication technologies affords us improved chances to develop socially and economically. Yet Germany faces the issue of a growing digital “gap”. According to the German Bureau of Statistics, 19% of the German population do not have any access to a computer. 22% of the population do not use the internet. The digital gap thus exists even in a largely educated Germany. Read the article (German)


“Social Network”

Süddeutsche Zeitung (2013) from Valentin Feneberg

The digital gap – a problem in our society, which many do not know exists. Only those who cannot afford a computer, smart phone or internet access, or those who do not know how this new media works, are all too familiar with this gap. Two students from Munich want to combat these disadvantages, founding the organisation DH. To the article | print version


Digital Helpers: Computers for all

Augsburger Allgemeine (2013) from Daniela Fischer

Business student Leopold Neuerburg is a Digital Helper. The Munich organisation looks to equip the digitally illiterate with the necessary knowhow, and gives them computers. These student volunteers aim to combat the “digital gap,” a term which captures the problem succinctly: acess to computers is unequal and strongly dependent on socio-economic factors. Read the article | print version


Don’t through your old mouse in the trash

Die Rheinpfalz (2013) from Nicole Hess

Thousands of computers in perfectly good working condition are thrown in the rubbish, while may people cannot afford access to digital technologies. This situation does not sit well with the organisation DH. Carmelo Russo, a young man from Ludwigshafen, is one of many students who aim to see that these used PCs find a new potential user. print version


Radio broadcast about Digital Helpers

from Karolina Huber (2013)

The radio station M94.5 reported on the digital gap in Germany. Heinrich Rusche, co-founder of Digital Helpers, and Gerhard Hampl, Chariman of the Board of the Bundesverbandes Deutsche Tafel e.V. were interviewed. Hear the radio report.


Overcoming the digital gap in Germany

Elitenetzwerk Bayern (2012) from ENB Bayern

Germany has long been a modern and knowledge-based society, where ideas and academic work carries real value. In this, digital technologies like PCs play a significant role. As graduates of the CDTM, Munich students Lorenz Haubner, Leopold Neuerburg and Heinrich Rusche have been using these technologies for a while. Read the article

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