Have you got any questions about Digital Helpers? We have the answers!

Why are you called Digital Helpers?

​Although we have called ourselves Digital Helpers, this does not mean that we have a purely online presence. We aim to help those who have been excluded from the digital world, against their wishes. Hence, we primarily aim to help people who cannot afford computers. Companies trade in their computers roughly every three years for newer models. However, these discarded PCs are often still in good condition. We want to distribute these PCs among the needy and teach them the basics they need to get by with their new devices. By doing so, we enable people who would not otherwise have had the chance, to take part in today’s increasingly “digital” society.

How do you choose your recipients?

​As a social organisation, assessing the merits of a case can be difficult for us to do ourselves. Instead we distribute our computer packages to social organisations like the “Tafel”, who in turn support us as partners. We are always open to and glad for any suggestions as to possible recipient organisations! We then assess with our existing partners and our advisory board how we might best integrate a new partner.

How can I get involved with Digital Helpers?

​We are always on the lookout for conscientious and interested people to support us in our cause. Anyone can participate! Roles include: preparing educational material for using the PCs, teaching, getting PCs ready for distribution, writing to potential donor companies, working with our social media tools and more. If this appeals to you, send as an email at info@digitalhelpers.org.

Are PC donations tax deductible?

No, unfortunately donations in the form of old PCs or other electronic devices are not tax deductible, as their value is too difficult to determine.

I have a spare PC. How can I get it to Digital Helpers?

As we currently do not have our own storage facilities, we are working exclusively with companies. We do our best to accept individual devices. Companies and individuals with multiple devices should feel free to get in touch at info@digitalhelpers.org for further information.

How much does it cost to receive a computer?

We don’t sell computers. Instead, we distribute donated electronic devices among those in need. Whether recipients are qualified is determined by our partner recipient organisations (social services and similar institutions).

Where do you get these PCs?

The PCs are used, discarded and later donated by firms. Most companies discard their computers after three months, exchanging them for newer models. They are often however in excellent condition and can still be used! Certain standards defined by us however must be met, to ensure quality of donations.

Can these PCs still be used?

Yes, the Computers that we accept have to fulfil certain standards to ensure a certain level of quality, which we have agreed upon with our Partners.

Who can receive a PC?

​The recipient organisations with whom we work. They work on a daily basis with those in need, and are in a better position to decide who should receive a free PC. We ourselves cannot make these decisions (nor would we), and trust our partners who work closer with people to make these decisions.

Should you have any further questions, drop us an email at info@digitalhelpers.org We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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