Selected Media

Below you’ll find a selection of photos and media of Digital Helpers in action, from collecting computer donations or presenting our initiative to other organisations. You will also find a selection of posters and flyers that we have created to draw attention to the problem of the digital divide.

Google Impact Challenge 2016

Smart Hero Award 2014

On 1 July 2014, the Smart Hero Award ceremony was held, in which we were nominated in the category “Voluntary Engagement”. Our Digital Helper Johanna Fulda had an inspiring afternoon with many other representatives of great projects. In the following please find her impressions of the event. We wish the best of success to all participant organisations!

PEP IT4Change Wirkungsschmiede

Ashoka + SAP = IT4Change! Carmelo Russo represented Digital Helpers at the PEP IT4Change academy! Many thanks to Ashoka Germany and SAP Corporate Social Responsibility for all the impressions, tips, lessons and other tools that we will apply in further work with Digital Helpers. We also thank all the other representatives of great social initiatives, for the three inspiring and valuable days we shared.

Bundestafeltreffen 2013

From 7-8 June 2013, the 19th federal board meeting of “Die Tafel” was held in Neubrandenburg. Alexandra Popp represented Digital Helpers at this event and gave a lecture on the subject “Facebook for Beginners”. In so doing, she explained the importance of social networks for organisations as well as private persons. Further, she discussed the correct and responsible use of social media. For more information, take a look at her handout.

1st Summit on Digital Divide (2013)

The social organisation Digital Helpers was invited to the penal discussion “Social Inequality and the Digital Divide – What does this mean for Germany?”

We are extremely grateful for the contributions of the following speakers:

  • Prof. Arnold Picot: Director of the Institute for Information, Organization and Management (LMU)
  • Prof. Christoph Neuberger: Director of the Institute for Communication Science and Media Research
  • Gerhard Hampl: Honorary Chairman and Logistics Director of the German Federal Association of “Die Tafel”
  • Frederik Roever: Founder of, formerly CFO of Rocket Internet, CEO Bamarang Germany

The panel was moderated by Prof. Philipp Müller: Dean of the Business School of the University of Salzburg, Business Development Director of the public sector of Solutions CSC Germany.

Digital Helpers at work

How does Digital Helpers operate?

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